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GODeeper School of Worship


Topics include:

* Knowing God in worship, intimacy with God, Heart of Father,
* Character and lifestyle as a worshiper,
* Understanding the work of the Holy Spirit in worship,
* Biblical  and  Historical foundations in Worship, 

* Biblical worship in Old + New Testament,
* History of worship in the church and applying it’s lessons to today,
* 24/7 house of  prayer ministry, harp & bowl model of worship, sing the Word,
* Intercession and the prophetic role of Worship,
* Church Liturgy,
* Singing of the Psalms through history,
* Prophetic arts, arts and worship,
* Video, photo and design in worship,
* worship in missions and evangelism,
* Creative expressions,
* Song writing & composition,

* Sound engineer, recording and production,  
* Multi- Cross Cultural and Interdenominational worship, 

* The Biblical grounds for worship,


This School is Mobile, Backpack,  & there might be many surprises for you! Be ready to travel and that schedules and locations for each week should be different. 

This is not Music School or School of Performance. Main goal is help to students grow in deeper relationship with God and receive a biblical understanding and foundation for the worship ministry. And training how to use gifts and musical skills to lead others to Worship God!  

We will have also many practical teachings, music lessons and skill development,  during the school Students is learning how to write songs, produce it and recording. 


School of Worship

“GODeeper” Schools of Worship is not only for musicians,
 we are looking for painters, designers, videographers, film-makers, sound-engineers, dancers, and other artists
whose desire is to share God`s love and bring His light to the world.  

The prayer of our hearts and main goal  is that we would grow in deeper relationship with God through this school, as well as receive a biblical understanding and foundation for the worship ministry. We want help that Students after this school can teach others about worship and lead other people to worship our God! 

During the school students receive theoretical and practical training. Some of the lectures weeks will be held at the training centre of YWAM Valdemārpils,  Be ready to travel and minister during the school. Since we will be organising weekend events, running seminars and ministering in various places around Latvia, Baltic states and other places in the world.

/ applicants : 

        Successful completion of a DTS is required in order to attend   /

Dates : 

We will announced soon about next school dates. 


GODeeper School of Worship / More than School

On this web page you can learn more about GODeeper School of Worship, follow up the events, seminars and mission trips.

Our vision is to provide regular seminars about worship in Latvia as well as invite people to join us in mission trips abroad.

GODeeper is more as community and movement.  


YWAM & GODeeper School of Worship

.:: In Latvia full time School of Worship has taken place already three times and it is 5 or 6 months long.  School of Worship is a accredited  second level school at University of the Nations provided by a worldwide Christian organisation Youth With A Mission (YWAM). In order to participate in it, you must be a graduate of a first level school - Discipleship Training School (DTS).  ( apply for BALTIC DTS or for  Photography & Media DTS  in YWAM LATVIA/VALDEMARPILS )

But in summer we have a special mini Summer School of Worship aimed towards young people, providing them with a possibility to participate in MINI - School Of Worship in their summer vacation for 6 weeks. This will be a great chance for the youth to find out more about the mission and ministry.

During the Schools we are organising musical prayer gatherings,  open lectures and seminars and we are welcoming everyone who wants get know more about GOD, worship and how to use our talents for God's glory and blessing to people. 

We as movement want be more as just school, we want provide regular events, seminars, activities and regularly worship and prayer tours to Israel  - GODeeper.TOURS

Pray for us! 


SUMMER for the YOUNG people

For Summer School of Worship we welcome young people, high school and university students, who are enjoying their summer vacation.

This will be a great opportunity to participate for those who otherwise can`t join the full-time 5 or 6 month YWAM school, but who would like to grow and get to know God and to make Him known.

This school will be a wonderful chance to meet new people, develop skills and gain knowledge and experience, meet some awesome teachers who are from different countries, and simply be together worshiping our God.

This school is not only for musicians, but also for poets, spoken word artists, sound engineers, videographers, directors, lighting designers, decorators, intercessors, Bible diggers and everyone who would like to go deeper in discovering their talents and using them for God`s glory by finding out what praise and worship really is!

Youth is welcome

To participate in Summer School of Worship (seminar), there is no requirement of finished DTS (First level school in Youth With A Mission training program). It will be a great opportunity to know more about Youth With A Mission, DTS and mission work in general.

We will also provide open seminars and worship events in different places around Baltics where everybody is welcome. 

Follow us to find more about it! 

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