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On this web page you can learn more about GODeeper School of Worship, follow up the events, seminars and mission trips.

School of Worship is organizing different seminars and worship events. 

"GODeeper" is more of a movement, a community that goes beyound the school. 

Our vision is to provide regular seminars about worship in Latvia and Baltic States as well as invite people to join us in mission trips abroad.

We have a desire for 24/7 worship and pryer, and we hope to see "House of Prayer 24/7" in Latvia. 

.:: We are looking for staffs and voluteers who have a heart for worship and intercession to join us. Pray for that and feel free to contact us!

YWAM & GODeeper School of Worship


.:: In Latvia full time School of Worship has taken place already three times and it is 5 or 6 months long.  School of Worship is a accredited  second level school at University of the Nations provided by a worldwide Christian organisation Youth With A Mission (YWAM). In order to participate in it, you must be a graduate of a first level school - Discipleship Training School (DTS).  (  apply for BALTIC DTS or for  Photography & Media DTS  in YWAM LATVIA/VALDEMARPILS )

/ applicants age: 18 - ?? / 

We are looking for long and short term STAFFS to join our team. If you feel that might be  for you, then please write us.

SUMMER for the YOUNG people


.:: For Summer ( mini ) School of Worship ( 6 weeks ) we welcome young people, high school and university students, who are enjoying their summer vacation. 

It is a great opportunity to participate for those who otherwise can`t join the full-time 5 or 6 month YWAM school, never did DTS,  but who would like to grow and get know God and to make Him known.

/ applicants age: ~ 16 - 24 / 

History of GODeeper School of Worship Latvia


School of Worship is a full time 5 months course part of YWAM -University of the Nations

In Latvia (YWAM) School of Worship was first started in 2015 (April - August).

Vision and prayer for this school to be pioneering in Latvia started much earlier by school leader Kaspars Ezerins. And there was an idea to create this school a little bit different, with a lot of travelling, ( MOBILE / BACKPACK ) interdenominational and intercultural. 



Before doing his DTS, back in 2008, Kaspars Ezerins received in his heart a vision and a goal to pioneering SOW in Latvia, and already then he knew it would be different.

do first and then teach.

A bit of Kasapar`s YWAM/UofN journey which lead to SOW in Latvia:

2008.-2009. DTS in Latvia with Outreach in Spain

2012. - SOW in Sweden, with Outreach in UK, London

2013. - SOW in Sweden, staff.


2015. April - August - First School of Worship in Latvia which had 9 students (from Latvia, the Netherlands and  China,Hong Kong). Already during the lecture phase quite often students together with wonderful teachers travelled around Latvia, serving with worship and intercession in churches of different denomination, camps and festivals. It was a great opportunity to bless and bring joy to local churches, also students got a chance to see the differences and learn a lot. After 12 weeks of intence lectures, most of the students went to a mission trip to Spain, on the way stopping and serving in different countries. Also two of our international students  afterwards continued serving in different camps in Latvia.


2016. April - August  - Second School of Worship in Latvia. This time only 3 students - two from Latvia, one from Mexico. Though the number of students was small we reached many people. During the lecture phase we had many open lectures throughout Latvia where students together with teachers could serve and experience the power of worship. In several cities there were around 10 people who joined our school for 1 week. And the amount of people who attended our evening open lectures reached one hundred. During the evenings our students had an opportunity to serve together with teachers and staff, but during the morning time we were having a debrief about what we experienced and students could ask questions and have deeper conversations with teachers.


During the school we were serving also in Lithuania and Estonia. This gave us a chance to know more about the Baltic States and to pray for these nations.

After 12 weeks of lecture phase we had a trip to Israel. There we had an experience to worship in 24/7 prayer houses, serve to children with disabilities, soup kitchen, as well as join ministry in Summer Bible School for Children in Old Jerusalem.


2017. september -2018. march - Third School of Worship in Latvia. This time 8 students from 6 different countries - Latvia, Russia, Brasil, Belarus, Switzerland, USA.

This school was full of travelling and adventures. 12 week lecture phase we spent in 12 different countries. Our base was in Latvia, YWAM Valdemarpils. But right after our introductory week we started a trip to Gibraltar where we had 2 weeks of lectures together with School of Worship, Intercession and Prophetic from France. This provided us to meet other people from YWAM who also have worship and intercession close to their heart. 


On our way to Gibraltar we stopped to worship and pray in many countries - Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain. We also were introduced to worship and prayer houses in Augsburg, Herrnhut and Amsterdam. While in France we visited the Christian community Taize.


After this trip we had a week of lectures in Latvia and then we started out second trip. This time we went to Israel. There we had lectures and also participated in pilgrimage around Israel organized by GoDeeper Tours. We served in local churches and 24/7 prayer houses. After Israel we spent one day in Turkey were we lead worship. Then, through Poland, we went back to Latvia. Then we had several weeks of lectures in Latvia and Estonia. 

After three months of lecture phase several students went on an outreach to Israel and Russia.


2018. July - August - Summer School of Worship for Youth

During 6 weeks of summer 4 students from Latvia and staff enjoyed summer adventures. This was a time of lectures and ministry throughout Latvia, Estonia and Finland (and a little bit in Lithuania too). This school was aimed for students who can join the school during the summer break. After Summer School of Worship young people continue to worship together. They went on a mission trip to London, some of them also to Russia, and they continue to worship and music together in Latvia.


More then Schools

Apart from the schools mentioned above, School of Worship is organizing different seminars and worship events. GODeeper is more of a movement, a community that goes beyound the school. You can say that the whole life in itself is a school. And worship is not something you can learn in one school, seminar or conference. Worship is a lifestyle and we ought to learn all of our life.

NEXT GODeeper SCHOOL OF WORSHIP April 8 - August 24, 2019

Topics include:


* Knowing God in worship, intimacy with God, Heart of Father,
* Character and lifestyle as a worshiper,
* Understanding the work of the Holy Spirit in worship,
* Biblical  and  Historical foundations in Worship, 

*Biblical worship in Old + New Testament,
* History of worship in the church and applying it’s lessons to today,
* 24/7 house of  prayer ministry, harp & bowl model of worship, sing the Word,
* Intercession and the prophetic role of Worship,
* Church Liturgy,
* Singing of the Psalms through history,
* Prophetic arts, arts and worship,
* Video, photo and design in worship,
* worship in missions and evangelism,
* Creative expressions,
* Song writing & composition,
* Multi- Cross Cultural and Interdenominational worship,

  * The Biblical grounds for worship,

GODeeper School of Worship


“GODeeper” Schools of Worship is not only for musicians,
 we are looking for painters, designers, videographers, film-makers, sound-engineers, dancers, and other artists
whose desire is to share God`s love and bring His light to the world.

/ applicants : 

        Successful completion of a DTS is required in order to attend   /

 The fee for the SCHOOL is € 3700 per person ( includes all costs for teachings and otreach, meals, accommodation and travel expenses during the school 20 weeks ( it not include any VISA costs if is needs for you VISA to get in Schengen (Latvia), ISRAEL, TURKEY and might be RUSSIA  ) )

Our Background


Our site is still under construction!  But we have a lot to share! Please visit our site once again... soon here will be testimonies, stories, music, videos...  

Heart for Nations


We are based in Latvia, but our Heart is for Baltic Nations, and all nations all around World!. We want to see revival in our nations and and that young people worship our God! 

" Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples " Psalm 96:3 

Worship 24/7


We want to see House of Prayers 24/7 in Latvia, Baltic States and all around The world. 


Written during GODeeper Summer School of Worship!

  • Marta Viktorija Agruma - Catch  me ( 2015 ).  

When someone really wants to run away, they will not talk about it, but silently leave the room without no one noticing. Song about us being prone to wander. Song about me running away from myself, from God. 

/ Marta Viktorija Agruma /

in the  recording participated; ( SOW 2015 students  ) Krista Emanuela Ceberga - harmonies, voice, violin :: Kitija Berga - percussions 

Marta Viktorija Agruma - voice and author of the song

 & Ardie van der Knijff ( SOW Teacher ) - guitar, recording : 

Recording during School of Worship 2015 clases